Kaginhawaan at pagkakaunawaan

This is a Tagalog phrase (a common language of Filipinos) which translates to Comfort and Understanding. It’s a phrase Arsenio and Mercedita (Ditas, to her legions of friends!) Alzona use to describe Knollcrest Funeral Home. Besides being integral members of the area Filipino community, Arsenio and Ditas are Eucharistic Ministers at Christ the King Parish in Lombard and serve on the Ministry of Consolation.

Arsenio tells everyone “Bob is one of us. He just knows and understands how people in the Filipino community grieve”. Ditas adds “our celebration of life includes sharing a big important meal together. Bob joins with us and celebrates. He likes my cooking”. Everybody does!  Fellow funeral directors Keith Kustra, Josh Van Staalduinen and Office Manager Becky Schrader and Admin assistant Holly Stammis all look forward to digging in during a visitation.

The Filipino community is just one of the area’s diverse ethnic cultures that has found a high level of comfort and understanding from Robert Van Staalduinen and his staff at Knollcrest. “One of the wonderful things about the suburbs is that we serve so many ethnic groups here. Years ago in the city, each ethnicity had a funeral home in the neighborhood that served them. As the suburbs grew, we learned the customs of different cultures by serving all different nationalities and backgrounds. I have always considered this a rich experience for us” is how Bob describes the privilege of providing arrangements to so many different faiths and ethnic communities. He adds “the food is a wonderful added benefit of serving the Filipino community”.

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