Pre-Planning a funeral

Why You Should Consider Pre-Planning Your Own Funeral Arrangements

As people file their taxes each April, retired adults, or those nearing retirement, often consider the tax advantages of making a gift to their heirs. And, in that frame of mind, also consider the cost of their future funeral arrangements. Just as monetary gifts give joy to children and heirs, knowledge that parents have taken care of these final expenses give children a sense of relief.
When children think of their parents’ death, grief is often quickly followed by the overwhelming realities of all the decisions that will fall on them, and worse, in such a short amount of time! While none of us like to think about our own mortality, we know that at some point everyone will have to have some kind of arrangements made for them. As with Life Insurance, practicality and love are shown to those we care about when we plan ahead.
At Knollcrest, we safeguard these plans for you and your family. We know that pre-planning isn’t for everyone, but for a growing number of people, it’s a practical and generous gesture.
Pre-arrangement planning at Knollcrest is a complimentary and simple process. We will meet with you to discuss all your options for services and disposition, and help you decide, as precisely as you desire, how your funeral arrangements would proceed. There is no obligation for our consultation, and you may take whatever time you need to consider whether pre-paying your pre-arrangements is the right option for you.


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