While one might think after the visitation, religious service, disposition; burial or cremation, are complete, all the services a family may require are over. That is often far from the case. 

Our first concern is always for the family and their comfort while they are celebrating the life of their loved ones. Much of the ‘official’ and ‘legal’ requirements are seen to by our professional Directors and very tenured staff at Knollcrest Funeral Home and Steuerle Chapel, Ltd. Families have enough to do in such a short period of time without being swallowed up in the administrative details that must be dealt with. 

Invariably, issues arise later on with estates, property, insurance, benefits, etc. where we can help and we’re very pleased to offer our assistance. We’ve seen to it that “your loved one” is taken care of and their life celebrated properly, so to us it’s only natural that we take care of “their loved ones” to help navigate the official, administrative and legal issues that come up after their formal funeral services are complete. Sometimes it’s in a few days. But it can be even weeks, months and even years! Regardless; we’re ready and very pleased to help. When your mission is to minister to families, there is no expiration date on that promise. 

If you have any questions or need any assistance at-need, or you’re considering pre-planning, please contact us. There is no obligation in either instance. We’re here to help no matter what time of day or night you need us. For Knollcrest, phone us at 630.932.1500 or email us at knollcrest@knollcrest.net for Steuerle Chapel, phone us at  630.832.4161 or email us at steuerlefh.com


It wasn’t long ago that we did not have a nearby National Cemetery to offer to our veterans and their families. That all changed a relative few years ago when the Joliet Arsenal property was converted to the hallowed and sacred ground now known as Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Elwood, Illinois. 

And what a wonderful earned benefit it has been for our Veterans who demonstrated their deep rooted love for their country and her citizens. Burial expenses for a Veteran, their spouse, and dependent children are covered in full, saving thousands of dollars in burial expenses. There is also a Colombrium for the internment of cremation remains at the national cemetery. These services come with full military services to our honorably discharged veterans, almost always from their branch of the service. Veterans who have attended services there often decide right then that this will be their final resting place. 

Many Veterans and their families are not aware of all of their earned benefits, and it is the mission  of our Knollcrest/Steuerle Chapel Family to ensure they are not only aware of them, but that they receive them. It’s a responsibility we take very seriously for the men and women who have sacrificed so much on our behalf.

If a Veteran/Family chose another cemetery m Veterans are entitled to an American Flag, a headstone, and a member of their branch of the Armed Services to attend and play “Taps” to honor your Veteran loved one. Knollcrest and Steuerle  will make all of the arrangements to notify the Veterans Administration to ensure these earned benefits are carried out.

“Veterans are among the most special people among us, having made sacrifices for the benefit of all of us. It is our duty to honor theirs and make sure everything we can do to honor that service is seen to” are the words of Robert Van Staalduinen, Owner and Funeral Director at Knollcrest Funeral Home and Steeuerle Chapel, adding  “It’s an extreme Honor to serve them on their way home”.

For a full explanation and consultation on Veteran’s benefits or any funeral services, assistance at-need, or you’re considering pre-planning, please contact us. There is no obligation in either instance. We’re here to help no matter what time of day or night you need us. For Knollcrest, phone us at 630.932.1500 or email us at knollcrest@knollcrest.net , To Connect with Knollcrest Funeral Home

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Knollcrest Funeral Home acquires Steuerle Funeral Home

Trusted Funeral Service Provider Expands Service Area, Will Serve More Families

Robert Van Staalduinen, Founder of Knollcrest Funeral Home, and the entire Knollcrest Family and Staff are pleased to announce the recent acquisition of Steuerle Funeral Home, the longest serving funeral home in Villa Park, Illinois. The sale by Henry “Hank” Ebeling to Knollcrest follows years of strong friendship and cooperation between Mr. Ebeling and Mr. Van Staalduinen based on mutual respect and the ministry of service both have been so committed to.

Bob Van Staalduinen stated, “Hank and his extraordinary staff have provided an outstanding standard of service to the communities of Villa Park, Lombard, Oakbrook Terrace, Elmhurst and others. It is our intention to continue that legacy of goodwill and great service to the families Steuerle’s has so ably served.” He added “The Knollcrest Family maintains values perfectly aligned with that high level of service.”

Knollcrest Funeral Home recognizes the years of compassionate service provided by Steuerle Funeral Home to Villa Park and several communities in the area. The Knollcrest Family is committed to extending that legacy. We endeavor to continue to earn the goodwill of the community and serve them with the care and attention we have become well known for at our Lombard location.

By Lori Solyom, Community Contributor