Knollcrest Funeral Home acquires Steuerle Funeral Home

Trusted Funeral Service Provider Expands Service Area, Will Serve More Families

Robert Van Staalduinen, Founder of Knollcrest Funeral Home, and the entire Knollcrest Family and Staff are pleased to announce the recent acquisition of Steuerle Funeral Home, the longest serving funeral home in Villa Park, Illinois. The sale by Henry “Hank” Ebeling to Knollcrest follows years of strong friendship and cooperation between Mr. Ebeling and Mr. Van Staalduinen based on mutual respect and the ministry of service both have been so committed to.

Bob Van Staalduinen stated, “Hank and his extraordinary staff have provided an outstanding standard of service to the communities of Villa Park, Lombard, Oakbrook Terrace, Elmhurst and others. It is our intention to continue that legacy of goodwill and great service to the families Steuerle’s has so ably served.” He added “The Knollcrest Family maintains values perfectly aligned with that high level of service.”

Knollcrest Funeral Home recognizes the years of compassionate service provided by Steuerle Funeral Home to Villa Park and several communities in the area. The Knollcrest Family is committed to extending that legacy. We endeavor to continue to earn the goodwill of the community and serve them with the care and attention we have become well known for at our Lombard location.

By Lori Solyom, Community Contributor

Being Sensitive to Families Making Important Decisions

Among the final steps of the funeral arrangement process is the selection of merchandise. This is often a very sensitive time for families where their loss can really be particularly personal and the profoundness of their loss is fully realized.


Bob Van Staalduinen relates that he was not always a funeral director, and he experienced selecting merchandise in an environment that he knew he would endeavor to change for the families he and the Knollcrest Family and Staff served. “In over 30 years I’ve never “sold” a casket, I’ve provided the options for a family that fit into their needs based on their own religious affiliation, their own taste, and their own budgetary considerations”, relates Bob. People need to feel comfortable with their choices and take whatever time they need to achieve that level of comfort.


“The entire arrangement process is overwhelming for families”, Bob states, adding, “this is an area where we must show the most understanding and compassion to people who are experiencing loss”.


For any questions about servicesat needpre-planning, memorial services or cremation, please contact us at 630-932-1500 or


For any questions about services; at need, pre-planning, memorial services or cremation, please contact us at 630-932-1500 or
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We are a “Ministry to People” at their most difficult time

Bob Van Staalduinen’s father was a minister. While answering the call to the vocation of Funeral Director, he did so more as moving toward a ministry than a business. Helping people in their greatest time of need is an experience of faith, comfort and understanding.

That has been their approach for over 30 years since Bob and Elaine mortgaged everything to move into their new home; an apartment above Knollcrest Funeral Home. They raised their children there. Bob’s parents lived there. His children have lived there when they became adults. In Bob’s own words, “This has been our home; a home we share with the families we serve, extending it to them to be their home in their time of need “.

The environment you greet family and friends in when sharing an intimate farewell to a loved one is of great importance. The aura and feeling of the space needs to be comfortable.  We continually strive to maintain that environment. Families have plenty on their minds during visitations and funeral arrangements to comfort their own families and dear friends. It’s up to us to take care of everything else, right down to the most minor details. Within our ministry, we understand this and pledge to ensure that your concerns are focused on your family and celebrating the life of the loved one you entrusted us with.

It’s a humbling privilege.

For any questions about services; at need, pre-planning, memorial services or cremation, please contact us at 630-932-1500 or

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To our Knollcrest Family, that means extra care. The benefits available to our Veterans are benefits they’ve earned defending our country and all of us. Many Veterans and their families are not aware of all of their earned benefits, and it is our mission to ensure they are not only aware of them, but receive them. It’s a responsibility we take very seriously for the men and women who have sacrificed so much on our behalf.


Many Veterans and families now have the opportunity to take advantage of burial benefits at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in nearly Elwood, Illinois. Having a National Cemetery nearby is a vital benefit to many families as burial expenses are free of charge for a Veteran and spouse. Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery has members of each branch of the service available every day the cemetery is open to provide military services to Veterans.


If a different cemetery is chosen, Veteran’s are entitled to an American Flag, a headstone, and a member of their branch of the Armed Services to attend and play “Taps” to honor your Veteran loved one. Knollcrest will make all of the arrangements to notify the Veteran’s Administration to ensure these earned benefits are carried out.


“Veterans are among the most special people among us, having made sacrifices for the benefit of all of us. It is our duty to honor theirs and make sure everything we can do to honor that service is seen to” are the words of Robert Van Staalduinen, Owner and Funeral Director at Knollcrest Funeral Home, adding  “It’s an extreme Honor to serve them on their way home”.

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