Why we do what we do.

We receive a lot of letters telling us that we made things easier for someone. It’s not because of the “Thank you letters” that we do what we do, but it’s a great reminder of what a privilege it is to be so trusted by families. It’s also a reminder of just how important this responsibility is in the lives of people. There are few vocations out there where people feel compelled to hand write a letter of thanks. These are very dear to us. We read them. Over and over we read them. They certainly testify to the service we’ve provided and we’re very proud of that. They also testify to the “goodness” of the people we serve. That means everything to us. We Thank all of You!

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There are numerous Cremation options available at Knollcrest

There are numerous options available with Cremation at Knollcrest. Many people don’t realize that you can have a public viewing, a mass or service, or a memorial service to honor their loved one prior to Cremation. In the case of a Memorial, a service afterward is an option many people choose. As a disposition of a loved one, Cremation doesn’t preclude any of the options that are regularly available at Knollcrest for traditional funeral services up to and including a cemetery burial. For all of the choices available with Cremation, a member of the Knollcrest professional staff can answer any questions you may have (click here).

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Many Expenses are Hard to Prepare For

Today, financial planning has become an important part of life for families. Whether it’s college, weddings, new cars, a more suitable home for a growing family, we anticipate these expenses as part of life. One expense we will all be faced with at the end of our lives is funeral expenses. Financial planners have begun to factor this in to the formula of expenses. Not everything happens in the order of life we expect. At Knollcrest, we commit to do our best to help sort through all of the expenses and resources to make this time easier for families who are facing the loss of a loved one. We’ll help process all of the life insurance forms, veteran’s forms and other paperwork that seems so daunting during the planning of services. We’ll wait until the insurance issues are resolved for our costs. We’ll help you make affordable choices while ensuring a dignified service. We’re there to provide comfort any way that we can when you’ve lost a loved one. We’ll work hard to make sure the financial concerns are dealt with while you celebrate the life of your loved one.

To Connect with Knollcrest Funeral Home: 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Knollcrest-Funeral-Home

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Blog: http://knollcrestfuneral.wordpress

Website:  http://www.knollcrestfuneralhome.com/


Cremation is an Intermediate Step Toward a Final Resting Place


Cremation is an option that has risen dramatically in the past few decades. While the original decision of Cremation for disposition takes some pressure off families, a decision must be made as to where the final resting place of a loved one’s remains still needs to be decided. There are many options for services for Cremation, containers (urns), up to and including a cemetery burial. To discuss all of the options with regard to Cremation with a Knollcrest professional, please (click here)

Our Service Really Never Ends to Families We Serve

While the “services” of a loved one may conclude at the end of a funeral service, cemetery, or memorial, the “service” Knollcrest provides continues thereafter. Many circumstances come up after the funeral, sometimes long after the funeral where we can help. We offer grieving resources and materials. We continue to follow through on any insurance, veterans or medical forms that might require completion. We act as a liaison to cemeteries for headstones and monuments. We will help plan special remembrances, funeral banquets and help with any loose ends that may still need addressing. In short, we’re there for whatever you might need. While many families have little experience with funerals or the immediate needs that come up after the services, this is our vocation and we’re here for you no matter how long afterwards you need us. Recently, a family needed a death certificate in order to complete a real estate transaction. They needed it within an hour. We only needed a few minutes. Before, during and after, Knollcrest is there for you.

The Knollcrest Family Funeral Home


“It’s my family caring for your family,” Joshua shares. When one spends his formative years living above a funeral home, this statement is more than just words.  This is a way of life.  “That’s what gets me out of the bed in the morning, or any other time of day that becomes necessary”.

When their parents built Knollcrest, Joshua and his sister Holly learned by watching their father what it means to maintain the sacred trust given to them by the families they serve.  Now in their 3rd decade, the Van Staalduinen family continues to preserve the legacy begun by Bob and Elaine to honor the families in the Western Suburbs of DuPage County, and beyond.  When children grow up in a building in which home and vocation is combined, they gain an extraordinary perspective of the requirements and an intuitive understanding of the calling of a family funeral director.  They have been able to step into the role of second generation family operation in a way that comes naturally.  “It’s a blessing and a sense of pride to have my children involved” according to Bob.

For services at time of need, pre-planning, cremation, memorials or any questions we may help you with, visit our
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Vital decisions in precious little time

Every family and every circumstance are different. Even after serving thousands of families, we learned no two family’s circumstances are exactly alike. What most funeral services have in common is that a host of important decisions must be made in a relatively short period of time. It’s our responsibility to keep track of every detail in regard to the wake and funeral services. We feel privileged to accept that responsibility. We’ll help you move through the entire process with efficiency and great sensitivity. We’ll provide you all of the choices available so you can make decisions based on your desires, your faith, your preferences and your comfort level.

After making these important service decisions, we’ll escort you to our selection room to view the merchandise options. There are a lot of choices ranging from very modest to premium and everything in between. We are there to answer questions and assist you. We’ve provided caskets, vaults, urns, memorial items, etc. Yet, we’ve never “sold” them. Our families choose what is most suitable for their needs and their circumstances. Honoring a loved one starts with honoring the family members who are tasked with making difficult decisions in a short period of time. We’re here to help facilitate whatever options make people comfortable.

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Knollcrest Funeral Home of Lombard, IL “Our Home is Your Home”


Our home is your home the moment you need us. We’re family owned and operated. Our comfortable setting and attending to every detail sets us apart. To the Knollcrest family, serving you is our ministry.

Whoever the Funeral Director is, he’ll be your best friend for the next week. Bob was truly our family’s best friend

Catherine’s mother sat in the lobby of Knollcrest Funeral Home while attending a visitation for her Glen Ellyn area neighbor.  She told her daughter that Knollcrest was where she wanted her wake to be.  Sadly, Catherine’s father passed away first.  Catherine’s parents were both veterans, and her father’s military service was especially important to him.  “Bob and the staff at Knollcrest saw to it that his military service was recognized.”  Two years later, Catherine’s mother’s wishes and military service were honored when it was time for her own services at Knollcrest.  “I’d recommend Knollcrest in a heartbeat,” states Catherine.  And she has.  Like every family we serve, it was an honor to befriend Catherine and her family.


Knollcrest Lends A Helping Hand To Veterans

Knollcrest Went Out Of Their Way To Lend A Helping Hand To The Veterans

One might assume every funeral home goes the extra mile for the Veterans who’ve gone the extra mile for us. According to Marine Veteran Larry Olson, that’s not the case. After it was his privilege to take part in a memorial ceremony at Knollcrest to honor a fellow Vet, Mr. Olson stated, “I believe that Knollcrest went out their way to help us, lend a helping hand to the Veterans and they were very respectful. We don’t get that everywhere else”. They should. And here, they always will.