Our Service is a Ministry First

Families come to us during the most difficult moments of their lives. What they need most is not a business, to take care of business, but a ministry to take care of people; people who have experienced a great loss. A family understands the needs of a family. And that is what we are here to do. Help loved ones work through the grief and celebrate the life of a person they love and miss at the same time.

This building is our home. For the Knollcrest Family, we raised children here. Our parents and children’s grandparents lived here. Members of our family continue to live here. We feel deeply that sharing our home is the very first extension of our ministry and our hospitality which you may share with your family and friends who come here to comfort you and celebrate a life alongside you. So, it’s not just a building, it’s home for us and for you when you need it; a miraculous and special gathering space.

A lot of families make up our staff here to assist families and provide the most important ministry and mission we can provide. We comfort one another and meet the important needs that arise quickly. We’ll see to all the details, little ones, big ones, they’re all important. We’re here to accommodate the wishes of families and their customs and traditions. We’ll ensure this environment is the most comfortable and hospitable place you need it to be. Because our home is your home.

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The Knollcrest Family is here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with any services you may need or questions you may have. Don’t hesitate to contact us for at-need or pre-planning services. Call 630-932-1500 or visit us at www.knollcrest.net.

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Whoever the Funeral Director is, he’ll be your best friend for the next week. Bob was truly our family’s best friend

Catherine’s mother sat in the lobby of Knollcrest Funeral Home while attending a visitation for her Glen Ellyn area neighbor.  She told her daughter that Knollcrest was where she wanted her wake to be.  Sadly, Catherine’s father passed away first.  Catherine’s parents were both veterans, and her father’s military service was especially important to him.  “Bob and the staff at Knollcrest saw to it that his military service was recognized.”  Two years later, Catherine’s mother’s wishes and military service were honored when it was time for her own services at Knollcrest.  “I’d recommend Knollcrest in a heartbeat,” states Catherine.  And she has.  Like every family we serve, it was an honor to befriend Catherine and her family.

Why Knollcrest Takes Extra Care of the Veterans

When our veterans enlisted, they placed their lives on the line. They sacrificed many things for love of country and love of their countrymen. This sacrifice deserves our respect, and extra care in the services we provide them.

Knollcrest Funeral Home in Lombard makes sure every veteran receives all the benefits to which he or she is entitled, including an American Flag, a VA headstone, and a member of the Armed Forces present at each service to play “Taps” and present the American Flag to the family.

We highly encourage our local military families to choose Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery for their burials. We are blessed with national cemetery within driving distance, where all burial services are free of charge for a veteran, a veteran’s spouse, and a veteran’s dependent children.

Many veterans are unaware of the benefits available to them to honor their service. When it comes to taking care of veterans, we think the extra time and care required is an honor to provide.