At Knollcrest Funeral Home and Steuerle Chapel, we have become part of the Filipino Community

Arsenio and Ditas are two very special people and two remarkable Ministers of Consolation in their Parish, Community and truly the entire region. They’re from a very growing community that at the same time is also very well established in our area. The Filipino community proudly has shared its cultures and its customs to the DuPage County area and beyond for many decades. Those customs include some very beautiful and elaborate traditions during the visitation portion of the funeral arrangements. Bob Van Staalduinen recognized very early on that this community and all others require an atmosphere where they can grieve and celebrate their loved ones in the manner that brings them the most comfort; the way they have been forever in their homeland, and for decades in their new homeland. 

Arsenio and Mercedita (known to her legion of friends as Ditas)  Alzona are the Ministers of Consolation at their parish and in their larger community. They are among the most compassionate ministers one might ever encounter. They understand what it takes to grieve, celebrate life and provide comfort. So, their opinion is highly valued. As Arsenio says it “Knollcrest always caters to the needs of the Filipino Community” and Ditas adds,  “That’s why the Filipino Community prefers Knollcrest. They accommodate people and welcome people.” They go even further when they pay Bob the highest compliment by stating “Bob Staalduinen is one of us. He knows us. He joins in our celebration.” The celebration includes Ditas doing some exotic food preparation, and Bob loves what she cooks! 

A time existed in our more densely populated city where every neighborhood and ethnic group had their ‘own’ funeral home to go to for their friends and relatives. As the movement to the suburbs grew and diverse groups lived much more spread out and less condensed, the choices became less obvious and funeral homes needed to welcome all faiths, all beliefs, all cultures instead of only one or two. Knollcrest and Steuerle Funeral Homes have been precise since the beginning that “All are Welcome” and the strengh of diversity makes the entire experience more rich. The Filipino community is just one of the area’s diverse ethnic cultures that has found a high level of comfort and understanding from Robert Van Staalduinen and the staff at Knollcrest Funeral Home and Steuerle Chapel.

If you have any questions or need any assistance at-need, or you’re considering pre-planning, please contact us. There is no obligation in either instance. We’re here to help no matter what time of day or night you need us. For Knollcrest, phone us at 630.932.1500 or email us at for Steuerle Chapel, phone us at  630.832.4161 or email us at

Knollcrest Family Celebrating 25 Years serving your families.

Time has gone by very quickly here. Nearly 3 decades ago, Bob and Elaine Van Staalduinen decided to sell their home and mortgage everything they had to build Knollcrest Funeral Home. Faith is vital to the Van Staalduinen Family and Bob often refers to his role in helping families is as much a ministry as a business. Being there for people in their most difficult times is something important for this family; a mission to help them heal from loss and celebrate life. For Bob and Elaine, it is a blessing to them that two of their children have come to work at Knollcrest. Daughter Holly works in the office, now part time as she raises children of her own and Joshua, who is a Licensed Funeral Director. Adding to the excitement of a Silver Anniversary this year for the funeral home is a family wedding for Josh this August.

As our home continues to grow with our community, our family continues to grow along with it. Knowing that our ministry is continuing into another generation is a great source of joy for us and a renewal of our commitment to all of the families we have served and will serve. We thank you and we’ll continue to be here for you.

For any services, pre-planning or at need, contact us at 630-932-1500 or

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Pre-Planning a funeral

Why You Should Consider Pre-Planning Your Own Funeral Arrangements

As people file their taxes each April, retired adults, or those nearing retirement, often consider the tax advantages of making a gift to their heirs. And, in that frame of mind, also consider the cost of their future funeral arrangements. Just as monetary gifts give joy to children and heirs, knowledge that parents have taken care of these final expenses give children a sense of relief.
When children think of their parents’ death, grief is often quickly followed by the overwhelming realities of all the decisions that will fall on them, and worse, in such a short amount of time! While none of us like to think about our own mortality, we know that at some point everyone will have to have some kind of arrangements made for them. As with Life Insurance, practicality and love are shown to those we care about when we plan ahead.
At Knollcrest, we safeguard these plans for you and your family. We know that pre-planning isn’t for everyone, but for a growing number of people, it’s a practical and generous gesture.
Pre-arrangement planning at Knollcrest is a complimentary and simple process. We will meet with you to discuss all your options for services and disposition, and help you decide, as precisely as you desire, how your funeral arrangements would proceed. There is no obligation for our consultation, and you may take whatever time you need to consider whether pre-paying your pre-arrangements is the right option for you.


Vital decisions in precious little time

Robert Van Staalduinen, Funeral Director

After serving thousands of families, we understand that the circumstances of no two families are exactly alike. What does remain the same is that families have to make a host of important decisions in a short period of time. At Knollcrest, we’ll provide you all of the choices and guidance you need to make decisions efficiently. It’s our responsibility to keep track of every detail in regard to your selected services.

 After making these important service decisions, we’ll escort you to our selection room to view merchandise options. We have never seen our role in this selection process as that of a “salesman”; rather, we are here to assist you and answer questions. We’ve provided caskets, vaults, urns, memorial items, etc. There are a lot of choices ranging from very modest to premium, and everything in between. We feel that our role in honoring your loved one starts with honoring you and the family members who are tasked with making difficult decisions in a short period of time. We’re here to help facilitate whatever options are most suitable.

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Approaching death with children

children need to grieveWe naturally have the desire to protect our children from the hard things of life. But we all know that the hard things happen anyway. Children certainly need to grieve when they lose a loved one, not be sheltered from it. They may process information differently than adults, yet they are very capable of understanding that a person they loved deeply is no longer going to be part of their daily life. Children can be very profound, and resilient. As much as they need comfort and understanding, they also provide comfort and understanding to the adults in their lives at a time of loss. Even the littlest children are sensitive to the grief of those around them, although they might not be able to process the death themselves.

Although it can be uncomfortable to talk about death with children, remember, they are grieving too. Try to answer any questions accurately and honestly, without cliché. And don’t be afraid to simply say “I don’t know”. Try to listen and be empathetic without taking over their feelings, and be available for support as they express fears and fantasies.

Knollcrest is a family funeral home. Bob and Elaine raised their children here, and we continue this tradition as a staff by sharing lunch together nearly every day. Our family dining and coffee area was designed with children in mind. We encourage families to bring items that make their children feel more comfortable. We have coloring books, crayons, games, toys, DVDs, and other child-friendly items to help occupy our little guests when they feel a need to shift their attention during the course of a service. Their presence is important; we want them to feel that they have a place here.

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When we developed our blog and short video series, we did so with the idea that people who might be encountering a difficult decision might find it easier to get a glimpse into how Knollcrest Funeral Home fulfills our ministry within our community. For many people, opening the front door to ask those questions and receive the answers to their questions is a very difficult step. While our service extends to the greater DuPage County area, our surrounding communities of Lombard, Villa Park, Elmhurst, Oakbrook Terrace and Oak Brook are more familiar with us.

Fewer people are using the large metropolitan newspapers for Death Notices than before. We have added a feature to our website where you can SUBSCRIBE now. This way, our Obituaries and Notices which appear on our homepage will be easily accessible to you and help you receive notice of the passing of friends or members of your community who you may not have regular contact with. We often hear from people that they regret not having paid their respects only because they were unaware that a person had passed away. We think our SUBSCRIBE feature can help prevent this from occurring. Since it is featured on our website, it is accessible no matter where you are. If you happen to be out of town, you can still pay your respects in some manner in absentia with a phone call, a note, Mass card, flowers, etc.

The Knollcrest Family understands how rapidly things change. Getting the word out is easier and more complicated at the same time nowadays. Using our website and its SUBSCRIBE feature is something we’ve developed to help serve our community. Please take advantage of it and any of the other services we can provide; be it a Pre-Planning Consultation or a Funeral Services Consultation, both available complimentary from the Knollcrest Family.


Remembering a Loved One as the Person they Were to You.

He who has gone, so we but cherish his memory, abides with us, more potent, nay, more present than the living man.

~Antoine de Saint-Exupery   

Most of us will look in the mirror each morning and at the very least consider the question “How do I look?” We may even beg the same question from a family member or trusted friend. It’s not vanity, really. It’s important to us that we look like the very best versions of ourselves. Over the years, our friends and family have learned to read our appearance as a reflection of what’s going on inside. Those that love us find joy with us when we look our best, and know from just a glance when all is not well.

The need people feel to see their loved one at their best, even in death, is not always a desire that families can articulate. But it is something we at Knollcrest understand is in everyone’s hearts. The visitation is the last time that families and friends will see their loved one. We understand that the face everyone wants to see is one that reminds them of joyful memories, not the pain that accompanied the last moments of their dear one’s life. Like any learned skill, there is a great deal of science and knowledge behind what we do, but there is also time, attention to detail, and pride that make what we do more than a skill; to us, it’s an art.

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Pre-Need funeral planning

Pre-need funeral planning can ease the burden of loved ones.

What is Pre-Need Planning? More and more people are choosing to personally make their own pre-planning funeral arrangements. Feeling that this may ease the burden on loved ones, or ensure that their wishes are carried out, pre-need arrangements are becoming more and more common. Financial Planners are suggesting to their clients that pre-arranging a wake and funeral are an important part of investment portfolios.

Sometimes pre-need funeral planning occurs with the passing of a spouse and the remaining spouse wishes to complete their own arrangements in the same period of time. Other times, a person with a smaller family or fewer relatives may feel the need to pre-plan for themselves. Whatever the circumstances, Knollcrest Funeral Home is there to assist and counsel you on funeral services on a pre-need basis.

“Love is how you stay alive, even after you are gone.” ― Mitch Albom

Approaching a Difficult Subject

Not everyone is comfortable with telling their children how they feel about death or dying, or what to do when the inevitable happens. Pre-need services can include family members as part of the discussion. We provide the opportunity you need to start having these difficult discussions with your family.

If you’ve ever had to make funeral arrangements in the midst of loss, you know that the emotional and financial toll it takes can be difficult. You may find that lifting this burden from your family by making your own funeral arrangements is as loving as it is practical.  It will give them the gift of knowing the best ways to honor your memory and allow them the space to grieve without having to make so many decisions.

Free Consultation Services

If you would like to take advantage of our consultation services with your family, Knollcrest Funeral Home in Lombard, Illinois will be honored to meet with you and your loved ones to present all of the options to you and answer each and every question you might have about this service. Offering your families choices is what makes our family-owned-and-operated funeral home more unique in today’s fast paced environment. If you want to make these choices together, the Knollcrest family will guide you through the entire process and ensure that your plans are carried out in the loving way you made them.

Have a question? Ask us in our comments section below.

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funeral and cremation services

Our family welcomes your family whenever you need us.

“Death is no more than passing from one room into another. But there’s a difference for me, you know. Because in that other room I shall be able to see. “–Helen Keller 

While there is nothing more certain than any person’s mortality, discussing it is something that is very difficult for most people to do.

Our Family Helps Yours.

At Knollcrest Funeral Home in Lombard, we understand how difficult this can be because we discuss this very thing every day. We are a full service, family-owned-and-operated funeral home, and have been since Bob & Elaine Van Staalduinen first opened Knollcrest’s doors in 1989. It used to be that every funeral home was family owned and operated. Today, that’s less likely, as more and more funeral homes and cemeteries are becoming corporate entities.

When we take your loved one into our care, we understand this is a trust. Whether we’ve known your family for years, or have yet to meet you, we understand that we are caring for you, family to family.   We are your neighbors, fellow church members, and friends. We mourn the loss and celebrate the lives of all of the people we have the privilege of serving.

Easing Your Burden.

Death can be expected or sudden, a relief or a tragedy.  Either way, there is no way to “prepare” for death.  We cannot ease the loss of your loved one, but we can assure you that we can compassionately and professionally make all of the funeral arrangements. In the midst of often overwhelming grief, families must make a myriad of important decisions and preparations. Many families describe this time as being in a fog.  It’s our hope to be your guide through this fog, and that when you look back on the journey; our support will have exceeded your expectations, eased your burden, and brought you to a safe place.  Nothing is more important to us than to hear someone say that the funeral services we held to honor their loved one were more than a series of events, but rather, an experience that provided everything that they needed to reflect on their love and share their grief and loss with others.

We do this every day, for every family who puts their trust in us, yet we will never lose sight of how unique your loved one is to you. We are used to working with very short notice. We know exactly what to do. We’ll be with you the entire time, asking the right questions and answering yours. That’s really what we are here to do:  take care of everything.

Our Promise…

Our family welcomes your family whenever you need us. If that means a consultation on pre-need funeral services, we’re here. We offer many options for pre-planning services from which you can choose to take advantage. If it means contacting us at any time of day or night with the loss of your loved one, we’re ready to help you. We promise you that we will provide the right answers, the right environment, and the compassionate service you need.

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