We are a Ministry to People During a Difficult Time in Their Lives. 

Bob Van Staalduinen was raised by a Minister as his father. He felt a strong calling to be a Funeral Director, a vital ministry in helping people in their greatest time of need. It requires a strong sense of faith, comfort and understanding. 

Bob’s father lived in the apartment home above the funeral home. So did Bob and his family. And then his children. Always a family member resided here because this is our home, both when we lived here and later when we invited our families to open this home to their families and friends who came to offer their support and celebrate the life of their loved ones. “When we built this building, we were building a home, every bit as much as a place of business. Treating our business as the ministry it truly is, makes the atmosphere one of loving and sharing here,” Bob comments. That goes for Knollcrest, which we designed ourselves and built from the ground up, to Steuerle Funeral Chapel, which we have added touches and done updates and redecorating to achieve the same feel for our families. Bringing our ministry to 2 locations has been a rewarding experience for our family and professional staff at both properties.  Our communities of faith have been as welcoming as the communities at large have been. We’re ready to serve you in both of our locations of ministry. 

It’s a humbling privilege.

If you have any questions or need any assistance at-need, or you’re considering pre-planning, please contact us. There is no obligation in either instance. We’re here to help no matter what time of day or night you need us. For Knollcrest, phone us at 630.932.1500 or email us at knollcrest@knollcrest.net  For Steuerle Chapel, phone us at  630.832.4161 or email us at steuerlefh.com


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