Being Sensitive to Families Making Important Decisions

Among the final steps of the funeral arrangement process is the selection of merchandise. This is often a very sensitive time for families where their loss can really be particularly personal and the profoundness of their loss is fully realized.


Bob Van Staalduinen relates that he was not always a funeral director, and he experienced selecting merchandise in an environment that he knew he would endeavor to change for the families he and the Knollcrest Family and Staff served. “In over 30 years I’ve never “sold” a casket, I’ve provided the options for a family that fit into their needs based on their own religious affiliation, their own taste, and their own budgetary considerations”, relates Bob. People need to feel comfortable with their choices and take whatever time they need to achieve that level of comfort.


“The entire arrangement process is overwhelming for families”, Bob states, adding, “this is an area where we must show the most understanding and compassion to people who are experiencing loss”.


For any questions about servicesat needpre-planning, memorial services or cremation, please contact us at 630-932-1500 or


For any questions about services; at need, pre-planning, memorial services or cremation, please contact us at 630-932-1500 or
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