We are a “Ministry to People” at their most difficult time

Bob Van Staalduinen’s father was a minister. While answering the call to the vocation of Funeral Director, he did so more as moving toward a ministry than a business. Helping people in their greatest time of need is an experience of faith, comfort and understanding.

That has been their approach for over 30 years since Bob and Elaine mortgaged everything to move into their new home; an apartment above Knollcrest Funeral Home. They raised their children there. Bob’s parents lived there. His children have lived there when they became adults. In Bob’s own words, “This has been our home; a home we share with the families we serve, extending it to them to be their home in their time of need “.

The environment you greet family and friends in when sharing an intimate farewell to a loved one is of great importance. The aura and feeling of the space needs to be comfortable.  We continually strive to maintain that environment. Families have plenty on their minds during visitations and funeral arrangements to comfort their own families and dear friends. It’s up to us to take care of everything else, right down to the most minor details. Within our ministry, we understand this and pledge to ensure that your concerns are focused on your family and celebrating the life of the loved one you entrusted us with.

It’s a humbling privilege.

For any questions about services; at need, pre-planning, memorial services or cremation, please contact us at 630-932-1500 or http://www.knollcrestfuneralhome.com/

To Connect with Knollcrest Funeral Home: 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Knollcrest-Funeral-Home

Twitter: https://twitter.com/knollfuneral

Blog: http://knollcrestfuneral.wordpress

Website:  http://www.knollcrestfuneralhome.com/

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