Knollcrest Funeral Home – Pre-Planning can be both practical and loving for your family.


Pre-Planning can be both practical and loving for your family.
We know Florence Zaagman as “Flo”. We love Flo and we see her often. Flo is very involved in her faith community and has been a resident of Elmhurst for a long, long time. She’s a wonderful neighbor and as a result of that and her very infectious, bubbly personality, Flo has a lot of friends. A lot!
As a result, Flo is a very regular “comforter” at Knollcrest. She’s kind and compassionate and ready to be there for anyone who experiences a loss. For Flo, that means “being called home.” It’s something she’s not anxious to do of course, but she’s not afraid of it and she wants her arrangements to be what she really wants. Her mom and dad have been called home, and in each case, their arrangements were Pre-planned. That enabled Flo and her sister to spend their time and energy greeting and hosting the many family, relatives and friends who came to offer her family comfort. The lesson learned was that Flo would pre-plan too, to ease the burden on her family and ensure that what she really wanted is what would really happen. As she says it, “it just offers me a sense of peace that this is all taken care of” Bob at Knollcrest has everything written down for Flo, and that’s just how she wants it.
If you’re interested in discussing Pre-Planning, or anything related to our services, you can speak to Bob or any of our professional funeral directors and professional staff at Knollcrest Funeral Home  Call us at 630-932-1500 or visit us:

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