In every language, two of the most beautiful words are “Thank You”.

There is nothing more gratifying than opening a hand-written letter that says, “Thank You”. “Those letters are absolutely precious to me” states Bob Van Staalduinen of Knollcrest Funeral Home. To a person, every member of the family and staff at Knollcrest read every word of every letter. Most often, it is a period of sadness that brings families here, and an opportunity for us to lift an incredible burden from people experiencing a vital loss to them. The idea, that they would take the time and effort to write such beautiful words to us, while in the midst of their loss and grief, is something remarkable.

A mantra at Knollcrest that we work to live up to every day and night, is “Service is an Art”. We truly believe that and think of our vocation here as a ministry far more than a business. When we’ve done everything we can to offer comfort and see to every last detail in the final days a loved one is with us, we’ve done what we were destined to do and committed to do for our families. When they acknowledge our service with kind words, it means absolutely everything to us. In our ministry there are very difficult days. These letters remind us precisely why we do, what we do. And we’re extremely grateful. Our turn….Thank You!

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