Children are precious and vulnerable. They are also resilient. There are sparks of hope and beautiful remembrances framed through the eyes of children that bring tremendous comfort to the adults who are more often uncomfortable trying to figure out what to say or do. Innocent Children see the world in a special way. And they mourn and grieve in their own way. People often ask us if it’s okay to bring their children to services. It’s beyond okay; it’s encouraged!

Children are absolutely capable of understanding that someone close to them may no longer be present in their daily lives. They feel the loss immediately within the context of their lives. They’re also extremely sensitive to the hurt being felt by the people in their lives whom they love. And they react to that quickly to comfort them. Becky Schrader, Office Manager, and mother of young children herself, says it this way, “It’s simply amazing how profound children are and how sensitive they are to the adults around them who they sense are experiencing sadness, even the littlest ones sense this”. Children know instinctively how to comfort and how to say ‘everything is going to be okay’.

Becky’s advice is that children will bring up the subjects of death and mourning and ‘where did grandpa go?’ on their schedules, usually when an event has occurred. They are grieving too. Their way. It’s important to be as honest as you can relating on a level a child can understand. And if they ask you a tough question, it’s perfectly fine to say “I don’t know”. Listening and providing empathy, is what will help them express their fears and define their feelings. You’ll realize soon enough how helpful the conversation was on the adult side of the equation too.

Knollcrest is a family funeral home. Bob and Elaine raised their children here. The staff shares lunch together here daily. The design of Knollcrest had children in mind. It’s a comfortable place for them. Bring items that comfort them. We have coloring books, crayons, some toys, a big screen, and a place for juice and milk. The presence of children is important to families. A place for them to play and think of something else is important too. If someone spills milk? No biggie here.

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