Veterans Have Earned Extra Care.

When Knollcrest is privileged to serve the families of Veterans, there is some extra care involved. Bob Van Staalduinen and the Knollcrest Family believe deeply that the sacrifices made by the young men and women who serve our country and place their lives on the line for the rest of us deserve some extra care. Veterans are entitled to a number of earned benefits from their service, and at Knollcrest, we see it as our responsibility to ensure every one of those benefits are made aware to Veterans and their families, and that we will carry out that responsibility in seeing they receive them.

Veterans are entitled to burial benefits at a National Cemetery. We have been blessed with Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in nearby Elwood, Illinois. where all burial expenses are free of charge for a Veteran and their spouse (and dependent children). They are also provided with a headstone marker, an American Flag and Military honors at their funeral, whether at a National Cemetery or other cemetery. A member of the Armed Services will attend and play “Taps” and present the American Flag to the family with the thanks of the President of the United States and a Grateful Nation.

Many Veterans are not aware of these benefits. We believe that the men and women who have worn or wear our nation’s uniform deserve all the extra care we can give them as a measure of sincerely thanking them for their service. It’s our honor to serve them.

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