Selecting Merchandise can be overwhelming. It’s an opportunity to offer comfort.

An inevitable part of planning a funeral is selecting merchandise; caskets, vaults, urns, etc. This can be an overwhelming experience for a family who has just experienced a very profound loss. Because so many decisions must be made in a relatively short period of time, at Knollcrest Funeral Home we place a great emphasis on being especially sensitive and intuitive to families to offer whatever time and compassion they require before making very difficult decisions. “Mostly it’s about being there and ensuring that families understand all of the options they have. We’re here to provide information and understanding; not to sell any particular merchandise”, says Bob Van Staalduinen. What a family decides upon is entirely based upon their wishes and their comfort level.

Our families choose what is most suitable for their needs and their circumstances. Honoring a loved one starts with honoring the family members who are tasked with making these very difficult decisions in a short period of time. We’re here to help and honor those wishes and selections.

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