The Service to your Family continues long after the visitation and final arrangements.



After the visitation, the Knollcrest Family stays in touch. There are many, many issues and responsibilities that still arise. Whether it be matters dealing with final needs at a cemetery, like headstones or monuments, or insurance forms that require our assistance, we are prepared to be there for you from now forward. For all families, coping with loss is a life-changing experience. Many have little experience in dealing with the other arrangements and legal notifications, etc. that must take place. That’s what we’re here for. To help. To help with all of the details that are part of this process that we can take care of with you and for you. It’s our mission to make sure that the primary thing on your mind is your ability to focus on the healing for your families and friends as you celebrate the life of a loved one and cope with the loss. Sometimes, days, weeks, months or even years pass, and we have an urgent request for a death certificate for a legal purpose. It’s an opportunity for us to remind a family that we’re here for them at the time of their services, we’re there for them when they pre-plan their services and we’re there for them every moment after that time where we can be of assistance. That’s a big difference that an independent family-owned and operated funeral home provides. We know you. Our families have worked together. We’ll be there for you today, tomorrow and well beyond.

For any services; pre-planning, at-need arrangements or any questions you may have, contact us t 630.932.1500 or visit

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