Pre-planning can be a long or short range plan.

Catherine’s mother sat in the lobby of Knollcrest Funeral Home while attending a visitation for a neighbor from Glen Ellyn area. Mrs. Galvin told her daughter that Knollcrest was where she wanted her wake to be. She said so because she thought Knollcrest was a pretty and cheerful place. Catherine’s father had passed away first, and his arrangements were also at Knollcrest. Catherine’s parents were both Veterans , and her father’s military service was especially important to him.  “Bob and the staff at Knollcrest saw to it that his military service was recognized.”  Two years later, Catherine’s mother’s wishes and military service were honored when it was time for her own services at Knollcrest.  “I’d recommend Knollcrest in a heartbeat,” states Catherine.  And she has.  Like every family we serve, it was an honor to serve Catherine’s family. For any questions about arrangements, Pre-planning or at need, please feel free to call us at 630-932-1500 or visit here.

 We are here to serve you, day and night on any day you need us.

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