Vital decisions in precious little time

Robert Van Staalduinen, Funeral Director

After serving thousands of families, we understand that the circumstances of no two families are exactly alike. What does remain the same is that families have to make a host of important decisions in a short period of time. At Knollcrest, we’ll provide you all of the choices and guidance you need to make decisions efficiently. It’s our responsibility to keep track of every detail in regard to your selected services.

 After making these important service decisions, we’ll escort you to our selection room to view merchandise options. We have never seen our role in this selection process as that of a “salesman”; rather, we are here to assist you and answer questions. We’ve provided caskets, vaults, urns, memorial items, etc. There are a lot of choices ranging from very modest to premium, and everything in between. We feel that our role in honoring your loved one starts with honoring you and the family members who are tasked with making difficult decisions in a short period of time. We’re here to help facilitate whatever options are most suitable.

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